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Bienvenidos - Viveros el Volcán

  • We specialize in the production of cut flowers and we are proud of belonging to the main production area of Mexico state flower. The climate is temperate in Coatepec Flours, this allows us to guarantee to produce flower all year.

    We have the benefit of staff include the region within the Volcano Viveros, who provide us the necessary confidence and experience in the practice of their work culture as well as our management and technical supervision of production engineers in charge of specialized studies in horticulture.

    Our offices are easily accessible by car coming from the Cd Toluca travel time is 1 hr and 2 hrs of Cd. Direction of Mexico Ixtapan de la Sal.

  • Bienvenidos - Viveros el Volcán Infrastructure

  • Bienvenidos - Viveros el Volcán
  • Our confidence and joy to have 7.5 hectares of greenhouses, all equipped with drip irrigation, fertilizer injection systems, movable mesh shade and ships equipped with humidity control and heating for in vitro propagation material.

  • Bienvenidos - Viveros el VolcánIrrigation water

  • Bienvenidos - Viveros el Volcán
  • We have a deep well to strengthen the supply of irrigation water, with post-harvest area, with spaces classification packaging and refrigerated rooms with ramp for loading trucks using Proconas and drawers of water, sending flower in water.

  • Bienvenidos - Viveros el VolcánTulipan365

  • Bienvenidos - Viveros el Volcán
  • Tulips365 Our project consists in cooling the tulip production, this allows us to have this beautiful flower all year.